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Spinal Cord Stimulator and Infusion System

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You have had a surgical implant of a pain therapy device that involves two (2) separate areas. Either a stimulator lead or intrathecal catheter has been placed over or within the spinal cord. These devices are tunneled under the skin to either a generator or a medication pump.

Both surgical sites will be covered by sterile gauze dressings with paper tape to hold in place. Absorbable sutures are placed beneath the skin and do not require removal. Paper ‘steri-strips’ are placed over each incision to help hold the wound as it heals. Theses strips will fall off in time as you are allowed to shower.

Keep the wounds clean and dry. Sponge bathe until allowed to shower, usually in 7 to 10 days.

Do not submerge yourself in a bathtub, hot tub or pool until released to do so.

You may apply ice packs to the incision sites for 15 minutes every two (2) hours as needed. This will help with any swelling, bruising and local pain. Provide a cloth barrier between the ice pack and skin to prevent cold injury.

Contact the office immediately with any signs of wound infection: fever, chills, wound redness or drainage. After hours answering service is (330) 379-0545.

Limit your daily activities to as tolerated; no driving or overhead work. Avoid reaching, bending, and twisting. Walk three (3) times daily; increasing the time you walk each day.

Take a multivitamin daily and eat a healthy diet. Keep yourself well hydrated with liquids.