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Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Discharge Instructions

Cervical Collar Weaning Program | Click here for a printable version

Wear the cervical collar at all times unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Tharp. You may remove the collar to clean your skin and let the skin ‘breathe’ for short periods of time. You will be waned from the collar after your first follow-up visit.

You may shower seven (7) days after surgery, removing the collar and then drying it and replacing it. Please leave the white steri-strips in place.

You need to walk 3 times a day, increasing the time of your walks daily. Apply ice packs to the bone graft site 15 minutes every two (2) hours while awake as needed. Provide a cloth barrier between the ice pack and skin to prevent cold injury.

Limit all lifting to less than 10 pounds. Minimize twisting, bending and turning of the neck until starting physical therapy.

Take a multivitamin daily and eat a healthy diet.

Add fiber to your diet to minimize problems with constipation while taking narcotics.

You may drive when you are weaned from the cervical collar and are not taking any narcotics.

Physical therapy will be prescribed after your first postoperative visit.

If there is any increasing pain, numbness, weakness in the arms or legs, please notify Dr. Tharp immediately by contacting the answering service at 330-379-0545

If the dressing becomes dirty, you may remove and apply a new dressing to the wound.

Evidence of a wound infection would be increasing redness around the     wound and any drainage or pus. Notify Dr. Tharp, immediately through the answering service at 330-379-0545.

Leave your wound dressing in place until you are allowed to shower. Remove the dressing after you shower.