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Bowel Program for Surgery Patients

Medications to stop prior to surgery | Preparing for Surgery | Click here for a printable version

Surgical patients frequently experience constipation due to medication, preparation for surgery, changes in activity, changes in diet and the stress of surgery. These all affect the usual activity of the intestines, which can cause bowel movement problems.
Planned and programmed walking, three (3) times daily is prescribed for your activity. Adding fiber to your diet, such as Fibercon or Citrucel will aid in the mobility of the intestines. Water intake ½ hour after eating a meal will also help with the proper digestion of food. Relieving stress is best accomplished through diversion by your favorite past-time, hobby or music.

Should you have difficulty with constipation itself:
Take two (2) tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia at bedtime daily
Take Colace 100mg capsule, 1 daily each morning
Take one (1) capful of Miralax daily in juice/water.

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